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Another infrequent post

July 18, 2008

Day off from work. Needed a rest, so lounging at home today. Played in the tomato patch and garden until I sweat-ed out completely. Now watching the DVR’d Tour de France…great TV commercial: “…strip down to your underwear, open the car door at 45mph and jump out.That’s what it’s like to crash in a bike race.”  !! exactly !!


In the run for a M.A.S.S. Master II championship, gotta become a hill climber by Sept 21 Bear Creek race. With the cancellation of Nottingham STXC I will now have to WIN the Bear Creek STXC to hold on the that series win…maybe my opponent win not show up…actully I’d rather to race him for it.

Some aches and delayed recovery starting to show from the MTB season racing/training, managing it and aiming for a strong Cross Season. Have to miss the weekend opener of the MAC to finish the MASS series with the wins above………3 more races MTB and then on to Cross! Ye Ha!!!


Blog already…’geez’

June 3, 2008

Ok. So, looking at my gallery site the other night…..Lots there. 500+ galleries/18000+ images…Holy Crap!

On the gallery cover for Fair Hill MTB Race 2003 is this photo:


Just sayin’. I got a lot of pictures.

(Documenting the local scene for 6 years)


STXC, or how I spent my day at another STXC

April 27, 2008

Two Short Track races down and still not much going on. Was talking with the MASS’ter about the state of STXC in the MASS…and… Gotta be part of an established event. Since the 1’st 2 have been sorely attended I wonder weather a stand alone event is just a mistake for the promoter…Congrat’s to the ones that are taking it on though.

Example: You live 1 1/2 hr’s away….for a 1/2 hr $25 ride…. = poor attendance. (So a nice way to rack up some Ind’y and team points… Hey, if you’re in the game. Play it, Yo).

So as part of a multi-race event, it works, right? You’re already there. OK, so if we are going to do good STXC’n then somehow, add it in. It aint’a work’n as a stand alone.

Not a gripe…just sayin………………….

See Blue Diamond STXC photos at a web site near you:

2 for 2

April 25, 2008

2 races 2 seconds…1good one,well played and deserved. The other one not so well deserved, but fought for it just the same. Wish I felt better about that one,under attended,sat in and played the strategy game,made my move to win and blew it. Had I won, would have felt the same though.

Short Track is just a crit on fat tires…..many MTB’rs don’t really have crits in their resume. I did the crit game a long time before quitting bike. Took a long time after my 1 1/2 yr. absence to find a need for racing again and that has turned to on ‘dirt’ rather then macadam. I understand Critirium and I understand Short Track in much the same way. Your views may differ.

Need a new bike for STX. Make do with what I have. Would like: 29er with gears around 24 pounds.

Pictures of bike races can be found at . Think a Photo Book is in the future…Local riders over the last 7 yr’s. Have some older stuff from film, that goes way back to scan in….May be some dialogue. Still thinking about it………….

Gettin’ There…1 ryde at a time

March 26, 2008

11 days 9 rydes, 5 good group for some efforts and the rest solo for some rehab. Coming around, beginning to feel like maybe I can do something….I dunno like maybe challenge some in a race…more work and less weight first though.

Sitting and watching the World Cross Women Championships. The WCSN network…I love verizon FIOS. The same race we tried to watch at Jan’s between internets buffering.

Bike Line at Fair Hill race coming up. Will be the first test….11 more follow…then Cross :)…

I listen to about 20 Podcasts a day/or two…Much useless interesting info, some news, comedy, tech, music……I’ll report some at you to mix up the blog some. Try NPR “All Songs Considered, The Onion, anything Leo Laporte for Tech…TWIP for ya Photog stuff.

Biking. It’s getting good……………………………………………..


Just thought I’d add something new…

March 21, 2008

Had a good MTB Ride today…in a place I’ve never ridden,but have raced once…Knew what to expect from hearing about it…French Creek. A group of people I Know, a few I never ride with, but see at races…and take pictures of…Good riders all. My response was to step up to the plate and “swing well”. Been riding into shape,not really riding with anyone…So needed this…Feeling like I had a good ride and still need to do more…but feeling good about todays ride just the same…



December 25, 2007

Yea, well I don’t write that often. I don’t even have much to say just now. But, I think I’d like to write more….

The 2008 MAC Calendar is finished and for sale. I have to say this years effort is my favorite to date. I had some grand ideas, lots of collages and photo mash-ups. As I was working it though it seemed to evolve into a community of familiar faces. I started seeing my friends as they are not as I wanted to see them. It would have been easy to make the calendar into last years. But, the images wouldn’t let that happen. I had two pages that were complete, nice flow with full page backgrounds. A lot of action shots but, the faces kept looking back at me, the action shots were feeling less important to me.

I worried that in the end the pages I had completed would look boring. Each showed one prime action image usually surrounded by “Head-shots”, other smaller action images completed the pages. It was done. Not as I had it originally planned. As it wanted to be….A community of people brought together because that is how it is.

Not all the pictures I take in a season are able to be posted or printed. Most are dead out throw aways. The ones that make a Calendar are the best, by all means not all the best…there aren’t enough months, but the best at the moment and the ones that work on a page. I could make another two calendars….I don’t want to. It is what it is.